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We pride ourselves on being the industry leader when it comes to custom Printed T-shirts at the lowest price and giving our customers the screen printing they are looking for and deserve. Helio Creative Design offers screen printing in the Oklahoma City area. Our friendly team is ready to sit down with you and talk about your screen printing needs. Screen Printing allows us the freedom to provide a colorful way to present your company and/or its message and to create any design that our customers can think of. Our printers and graphic designers will take your logo and company name to make an amazing t-shirt design that will help your business stand out.

Printed T-shirts is the most effective way to advertise your business. Offering Printed T-shirts for your company uniforms, fundraisers, and sports teams. Helio Creative Design offers free quotes and our work is pristine. Give us a call or click the link below to find out what makes us different from all other screen printers.

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Standard Screen Printing 

This is the classic screen printing process using plastisol ink

Waterbased Printing

Waterbased printing is using environmentally friendly amor dry inks to create a very soft hand feel. Works best with white to light medium colored garments

Foil Printing

Add some brightness and glamour to your designs with many different color foils to choose from.


Experienced designers are ready to create any project you have in mind. We will research you company, bank, or label and create designs that best represent you. We will work with you and create to your specifications. We will take on any apparel design project for a flat price ranging $60 to $200


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Printed T-shirt brand

Printed T-shirt brand

Printed T-shirt brand

Printed T-shirt brand

Printed T-shirt brand

Printed T-shirt brand

Printed T-shirt Brand

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